OYO Garden

The OYO Garden Concept is an innovative approach to Garden footwear. OYO has reinvented the properties of the conventional garden shoes, thanks to a unique use of EVA, making them lighter, softer and more comfortable, while offering a stylish and colorful choice of products.
OYO GardenĀ“s commitment to versatility and practicality led to the development of a line that can be worm from summer to winter, all year long, giving our customers the freedom of choice.
The OYO Garden is designed for enjoying your garden without losing your natural freedom.
Let OYO Garden set you free.

OYO Street

The OYO Street Concept is a flexible approach to summer and casual footwear, where creative designs meet an everlasting need for comfort. OYO has created a line of ideal summer shoes, thanks to breathable materials. Our EVA-soled products achieve a light and yet ergonomic wear, easily taking the shape of every foot.
OYO Street's commitment to offering easy footwear for every summer led to the development of a considerable range of products, to suit any and every occasion. With its freedom of movement and simplicity of use, OYO Streets are the ultimate summer must-haves, ensuring an unforgettable summer experience.
The OYO Street Concept is easy to wear, easy to walk, easy to find, easy to wash and easy to like.
Let the easy come into your life.

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